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Aerial straps



Aerial straps are Juliette's main discipline. She works on breaking down technique in aerial straps in order to authentically connect with an active audience.


She leaves room for the imagination and her follies to create gentle and acrobatic numbers. Most of all, Juliette likes to transport the public in her universe to show them her love for the performing arts. 

Teaser of my number "When all is well"

She is beautiful, she flies high and is seen in the most beautiful light. The music sounds perfectly and is on cue with her movement. Her rigger follows her movements, he brings her up and down, down to the millimetre. Everything is just as she needs. But what if all of a sudden, everything she relied on, everything we don’t realise we rely on, starts dysfunctioning, starts falling apart, leaves completely? Can we continue to rely on just ourselves to fly high? It is in the moments everything stops working that we see who stays until the end to support us.

Technical demo

Here is a demo of technical movements in straps: one-arm spins, swings, acrobatic research, two-arm movements...

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